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AKASA Unveiled

The Journey of a Leading Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer

In the dynamic world of commercial kitchen equipment, one name has emerged as a symbol of quality, innovation, and trust – AKASA. Founded in 1998 by the visionary Mr. Ajay Mehta, AKASA has carved its path to becoming a leading player in the industry. Let’s delve into the inspiring story behind AKASA’s rise to prominence, exploring the brand’s values, unwavering commitment to quality, and its journey to becoming a trusted name in commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing.


Inception and Founding Vision

AKASA began its journey in 1998 with a team of electrical and electronic engineers led by Mr. Ajay Mehta. The initial team, comprising just four individuals, set out to revolutionize the market with a clear vision – to build trust through quality. In its founding years, AKASA introduced two groundbreaking products: Food Warmer and Pizza Oven.


The brand’s commitment to quality was evident from the start. All products were proudly 100% indigenous, boasting high-quality craftsmanship, exclusive designs, and a focus on energy efficiency. This dedication laid the foundation for a brand that would soon become synonymous with excellence.


Challenges and Core Values

Establishing AKASA as a prominent commercial kitchen equipment brand wasn’t without its challenges. However, the founders faced these hurdles with resilience and determination. Each product was meticulously designed, considering factors such as utility, space efficiency, and electric consumption. This attention to detail became a hallmark of AKASA’s approach to manufacturing.


The core values driving AKASA in the production of commercial kitchen equipment are deeply rooted in design, technicality, quality, and efficiency. These values serve as guiding principles, ensuring that every product bearing the AKASA name meets the highest standards in the industry.


Evolution and Market Positioning

Since its inception, AKASA has undergone a significant evolution, both in terms of product offerings and market positioning. The brand’s continuous efforts to manufacture high-quality products in adherence to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) norms have set it apart in an industry where imported products, particularly from China, dominate.


AKASA’s unwavering commitment to quality has been a game-changer. As of today, the brand proudly offers a diverse portfolio of approximately 108 commercial kitchen equipment products. This extensive range showcases AKASA’s versatility in meeting the varied needs of the industry.


Key Milestones and Trusted Collaborations

AKASA’s journey is adorned with key milestones that have played a pivotal role in its growth and success. The brand has collaborated with esteemed names such as the ITC Group, Marriott, Holiday Inn, The Leela, Radisson, Sheraton, Novotel, Country Inn and Suites, Trident, Vivaanta, Chaayos, and many more. These collaborations are a testament to AKASA’s recognized quality and reliability.


Noteworthy partnerships with renowned brands like AKSHARDHAM, Club Mahindra, HRH Group of Hotels, L&T, Baskin Robbins, Haldiram, Bikanerwala, and others further underscore AKASA’s industry impact.


As the industry continues to evolve, AKASA stands tall as a trusted name, providing innovative solutions that cater to the ever-changing needs of the commercial kitchen landscape. The story of AKASA is one of resilience, vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making it a true inspiration in the world of commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing in India & Worldwide.


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