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Akasa vs. the Rest: Unveiling the Superiority of Made-in-India Commercial Kitchen Equipments

In the dynamic world of commercial kitchen equipment, the choice between locally produced and internationally sourced-products is crucial. Akasa Kitchen Equipments proudly stands as a beacon of self-reliance, providing made-in-India solutions that not only meet global standards, but also significantly contribute to the Indian economy. In this blog, we will dived into the distinct advantages of Akasa’s products over other brands that claim to be ‘Made in India’ while relying heavily on global supply chains.


Complete Independence from Imported Components:

Akasa takes pride in its commitment to producing every component of its kitchen equipment within India. Unlike other brands that assemble parts shipped from other countries, Akasa’s entire manufacturing process is rooted in India. This ensures a higher level of quality control and minimizes the risk associated with dependence on global supply chains.


Material Quality Assurance:

When you choose Akasa, you choose assurance. Our commitment to material quality is unwavering. We understand the importance of durable and safe kitchen equipment, and by producing every element locally, we maintain strict control over the quality of materials used. This focus on quality, not only ensures the longevity of our products, but also guarantees the safety of your kitchen environment.


Spare Parts and Repair Options:

Akasa understands that even the most robust equipment may require maintenance. That’s why we provide spare parts and repair options even after the warranty period expires. This commitment to ongoing support ensures that your investment in Akasa products is a long-term and sustainable one.


Tailored to Local Preferences and Requirements:

One size does not fit all, especially in the diverse landscape of India. Akasa customizes its kitchen equipment to meet local preferences and requirements. We believe in understanding the unique needs of our customers and adapting our products accordingly, ensuring that every kitchen is equipped for success.


Contribution to the Indian Economy:

By choosing Akasa, you contribute comprehensively to the growth of the Indian economy. We believe in self-reliance and actively work towards reducing dependence on imports. Every purchase of Akasa kitchen equipment strengthens local industries and supports employment within the country.


Consistent Pricing:

Akasa maintains transparent and consistent pricing. There are no hidden costs associated with importing components, allowing us to offer competitive and stable prices. Our commitment to fair pricing ensures that our customers receive full value for their investment.

By choosing Akasa, you not only invest in top-notch kitchen equipments but also play a vital role in fostering a self-sufficient and thriving India. Experience the difference with Akasa – where every piece of equipment is a testament to the excellence that comes from being truly made in India.

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